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Hey Friends...

I'm Monique, a director, playwright, and performer for over 30 years. I was also an agent, a casting director, and a producer. I'm a Virgo, and I love Stevie Wonder, Prince and nachos. 

I love a GOOD story! Reel me in with a great narrative and I am all in! And you can tell a great story through any medium: words, songs, and images because they all speak to the soul. I've been blessed to tour the world as performing artist and creative and got the opportunity to spend time with  THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE!!! Each one of them transformed me in a profound way and those experiences inform the art I create. 

I seek out universal stories to elevate the voices of the global majority. Projects that are dynamic, thought provoking, joyful, challenging, funny, heart wrenching and optimistic.

I help artists in the industry who want to find the truth in the text, connect to a song, or figure out tough business decisions. 

And I love helping performing artists who are ready to further their dreams of being a director choreographer. 

Let's share a cup of coffee and chat about creating some phenomenal art together! :-)


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