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Hey Friends...

I'm Monique, a director, playwright, casting director, producer and all the theatre things! I was also a performer for a few decades and might hop on the stage again one day...who knows??  Most importantly, I'm a Virgo (Cancer rising, Scorpio moon) , I love dogs, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Afrobeats, House music, and tacos!

In each production I direct,  I strive to curate an atmosphere of joy that takes center stage. Whether drawing inspiration from classical works or embracing contemporary pieces, my works are carefully chosen to showcase the authenticity and diversity of our experiences. Music, comedy and authentic storytelling are powerful tools in my arsenal, and I harness their transformative energy to connect with audiences on emotional and visceral levels. Music becomes the heartbeat of life, and laughter becomes a universal language that transcends boundaries, creating an immersive and memorable theatrical experience.I am passionate about pushing artistic boundaries, collaborating with emerging playwrights, and contributing to the creation of fresh, innovative narratives. Through intentional casting, innovative staging, and a commitment to diverse perspectives, I aim to foster a more inclusive representation within the theatrical landscape.  

In essence, my role as a director is to be a catalyst for change. By celebrating  joy, embracing the richness of the global majority, and championing new works, I aspire to create theatrical experiences that leave an indelible mark on both the stage and the hearts of those who engage with my work. 

I also coach artists who want to find the truth in the text, connect to a song, or figure out tough business decisions. 

And I have a special affinity for performing artists who are ready to further their dreams of becoming a creative and making space to tell their own stories. 

Let's share a cup of coffee and chat about creating some cool life changing art together! :-)


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