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Hey Friends...

I'm Monique, a director, playwright, casting director, producer and all the theatre things! I was also a performer for about 25 years and might hop on the stage again one day...who knows??  Most importantly, I'm a Virgo (Cancer rising, Scorpio moon) , I love dogs, Stevie Wonder, House Music and tacos!

I've been blessed to tour the world as performing artist and creative and spend time with THE MOST AMAZING HUMANS!!! Each person transformed me in a profound way and I let those experiences inform my art. Reel me in with a great narrative, authentic characters and I am all in!  I enjoy taking a second look at works in the cannon to reimagine them for a more contemporary, diverse audience, but I REALLY LOVE creating NEW stories! Universal narratives that elevate and celebrate the culture and experiences of people of color. Projects that are dynamic, thought provoking, joyful, challenging, funny, heart wrenching and transformative! And you can tell a great story through any medium: theatre, film, dance, music, because they all speak to the soul. 

I also coach artists who want to find the truth in the text, connect to a song, or figure out tough business decisions. 

And I have a special affinity for performing artists who are ready to further their dreams of becoming a creative and making space to tell their own stories. 

Let's share a cup of coffee and chat about creating some cool life changing art together! :-)


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